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New Milling Tools of Walter  Email
Thứ bảy, 27 Tháng 2 2010 07:19

F4045                          Walter Xtra·tec® heptagon cutter F4045 – maximum cost efficiency thanks to 14-edge indexable inserts.

- High level of process reliability thanks to stable, negative indexable inserts basic shape

- low cutting tool material costs thanks to 14-edge indexable inserts

- maximum productivity from the universal use of Tiger·tec® coatings

WKP 35S                  The world's first SilverTiger

 - Low manufacturing costs. Higher cutting speed due to the heat resistant coating possible

- High process reliability tough cutting tool material due to SilverTigerTechnology. Improved chip removal due to the extremely smooth rake face

- Low cutting tool costs.
Excellent indication of the degree of wear due to the indicator coating. No waste of unused cutting edges due to the indicator coating


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