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_Tool innovations in Turning  Email
Thứ năm, 16 Tháng 6 2011 06:15
Walter NMS and NRS – two new geometries specially designed for high temperature alloys.
Low cutting pressures which enable reliable machining of unstable components (such as turbine casings) and reduce heat development when machining highly heat- resistant alloys
Tiger·tec® PVD aluminium oxide cutting materials WSM10 and WSM20 with heat shield for faster cutting speeds
NMS and NRS geometries achieve an increase in tool life of up to 150%
Walter GX1111 monoblock tools – axial grooving in a new dimension.
Easy handling even in inverted use
Easier chip removal due to low tool head height (h)
Two cutting depths for optimum tool stability
Walter G15XX monoblock tools – flexible use at low cutting depths.
One tool body for various cutting widths
Easy tool handling thanks to clamping screw accessible from above and below
Low stock holding costs
Maximum productivity when combined with Tiger·tec® cutting tool materials

Sources from WALTER-TOOLS


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